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India entry strategy

India is a country of varied cultures and socio economic classes that is often misleading to the investor, however those who look beyond this, benefit from the huge potential that it has to offer. Investors need the insight advantage into India in their cross border initiatives.

The Banyan Tree provides this advantage to overseas companies entering the Indian market, through a well defined and planned

process under the India Entry Program. The India Entry Program undertakes market studies, product testing (under Indian environment conditions), identifying sales and distribution networks, transfer pricing, government policies and legislations etc.

The India Entry Program is designed, keeping in mind the Small and Medium enterprises exploring the Indian Market. Enterprises from the Engineering & Institutional product groups, Consumer goods, Software and the Service Industry could benefit from the Co-Pilot Program.

Success in India depends on proper estimation of the countries potential, understanding the geographical size & diversity of the market, the time required to reach out to the market and the infrastructure to support the system. What is required is a long-term approach to the Indian market backed by a well thought out plan supported by in-depth research.


The objective of the Co-Pilot Program is four fold
  • To help organizations understand India better in terms of the culture, the market place, consumers, competition, suppliers, government policies, legislations,taxation the opportunities and risks through in-depth market research, studying government policies and interviewing domain experts.

  • To provide a road map that would help organizations through the entire process of establishing a base in India. The Banyan Tree would draw out the entire Business and the Marketing Plan keeping in mind the client's goals and the market dynamics.

  • To provide Marketing support to our clients. Our team will identify, interview, select and develop the distribution network, conduct Public Relations activities, develop marketing collaterals, direct mailing and tele-marketing activity and any other operational assistance that may be required.

  • To help organizations reduce their time to market, resulting in total cost reduction in their effort to build their base in India

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