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Having an Indian partner is not an important criteria for succeeding in India, companies can go ahead on their own, and succeed in the Indian market. Having a local partner can have its advantages and disadvantages. However, in case the entry strategy demands, it would be important to identify a good Indian partner. The success of your India venture could fail or succeed depending on this selection.

The Banyan Tree helps organizations identify potential partners in India. We draw out a list of potential partners and do a Strength and Weakness analysis on each, along with reasons for the fit. We gauge the interest of the potential partners, meet their team so as to understand their business direction and give you the required insight.

The partner identification program could be for identifying a joint venture partner, sales and distribution partner, a manufacturing partner as the case maybe. The Banyan Tree also identifies contract-manufacturing facilities for clients so that they can take the advantage of the cost arbitrage of manufacturing in India.

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