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How can you get to Pune?
Pune is well connected with direct flights from all the International Airports in India, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Banglore and Kolkata.

From Mumbai

By Air : There are numerous flights between Mumbai and Pune both in the morning and evening, the flight time is around 30 minutes.

By Road: Pune is well connected to Mumbai by the express highway, the distance between the two cities is 197 kilometers and it would take you two and a half hours to reach Pune.

From Delhi
By Air :
Delhi and Pune are well connected by air with almost all the major domestic airlines having flights both in the morning and evening. The flight time is 2 hours between the two cities.
From Dubai
By Air :
Air India flies direct flights from Dubai to Pune. Please check with the Airlines for the days of flight and the flight timings.
From Singapore
By Air :
Indian Airlines flies Singapore - Hyderabad - Pune. Please check with the Airlines for the days and time of the flight.