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The Indian biotech industry, which is 2 % of the global biotech market - has the potential to develop as a key player, generating revenues worth US$ 5 billion. The domestic biotechnology industry is now a US$ 3 billion sector, registering 30 % growth in 2007-08 over the previous year.
Biotechnology industries in India are growing to occupy 140 million square feet by 2010, creating employment for a million by means of its products as well as its services. An Ernst and Young survey recognizes India as one of the emerging biotech leaders, ranked third in the Asia-Pacific region based on the number of biotech companies in the country with 340 companies registered in this sector.

The biotech industry in India comprises five broad divisions:
  • Bio-pharma
  • Agri-biotech
  • Bio-informatics
  • Bio-industrial
  • Bio-services

The Government of India has given a special focus to accelerate growth in this sector by recognizing the intellectual property issues and allowing 100% foreign equity investment in the manufacturing of all drugs except recombinant DNA products and cell targeted therapies.

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