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The Banyan Tree was founded in the year 2002, to assist foreign organizations wanting to do business in the Indian market. With rapid liberalization and opening up of the economy, India has been on the radar of most companies, who want to cater to this market to achieve sustained business growth.
However, with 28 states and 7 Union Territories, each having its own culture, language, eating habits, consumer behavior, government policies etc, India is a land of diversities. The Banyan Tree assists companies understand India better, and provide expertise at the local level to guide our clients in their India initiative.

To ensure a smooth and effective entry into the Indian market, we designed a structured framework - the India Entry Program - that focuses on every aspect related to our clients India initiative.

The India Entry Program has seen a number of modifications and fine tunings over a period of time, based on our experience of numerous projects undertaken over a period of time.
The Banyan Tree has been associated with varied products and services, which include products ranging from engineering and consumer products to entertainment and Information technology etc.

Our clients can engage us for the complete India Entry Program or for specific modules such as Market Research, Designing Business & Marketing Strategies, Partner Identification, Identifying sales and distribution network, field testing of products, government liaison, Logistics etc.
The Banyan Tree puts together the right group of experts for you, drawn from both within the firm and the best domain experts from outside to guide and assist you in your India initiative.
Traditionally the Banyan Tree is known to be a symbol of strength, knowledge and a center of learning. We derive our inspiration from The Banyan Tree.