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entry strategy government regulations in india

The size of the Indian market, its business culture and consumer behaviour, government regulations and incentives, call for a well-planned entry strategy for India, so as to be able to reduce the risk, the time to market and in turn reduce costs.

Choosing the right India entry strategy plays a significant role in the success of a business venture in India. Deciding on the right option would depend on the nature of the product, its pricing, the market situation as well as the goals of the organization.

Keeping in mind these factors The Banyan Tree helps its clients make the right decision by evaluating each option, the related costs, its risks, advantages, the entry barriers, government regulations and incentives applicable for the different options etc.

The various India entry strategy options available to organizations are to enter India through a liaison office, a branch office, a wholly owned subsidiary, through a Joint venture with a local company who have strengths either in manufacturing or distribution or both, through a merger or acquisition of a local company, through franchising or simply through a strong distributor network.

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